If you are reading this, you must know what mead is. If not let me introduce you. Mead is honey wine (or is wine grape mead?). It is the first alcoholic drink brewed by men, earlier than wine or beer. The famous nectar and ambrosia of the gods on Olympus were honey and mead. It is also the beverage of Vikings and of their gods: in Valhalla, the heaven of Vikings warriors, Valkyries gave mead to the newcomers. In the celtic heaven ran a river of mead. Honey and honey wine were seen as panaceas (they were used in healing) and also as aphrodisiacs.

You may be looking for something specific: do you want to drink mead? do you want to make mead? do you want to know about the history of mead? Maybe you do not know yet. Anyhow, Mead made complicated can provide you with:

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March 16th 2003