It is important to take care of the sanitary state of the honey to be used. Because of its pH, its hygroscopicity and its hydrogen peroxide content, the risk of bacterial infection is low. The main danger is wild yeasts [H4]. There are several possibilities to sanitize honey:

  removes yeasts removes proteins no loss of taste no/little equipement no hazard any honey
boilling X Ø X Ø X X
60-70 °C X x x X x X
sulfite X Ø X Ø (1) x x (3)
filtration X X Ø Ø (2) X x (4)
nothing Ø Ø X X X Ø (5)
Comparison of various techniques to sanitaize honey. X : true, x : fairly true , Ø : wrong. 1: pH-meter, 2: filters and pump, 3: not honeys with a high pH (prune 6, black- and blueberries 4,5), 4: not viscuous honeys, 5: the honey must contain few yeast cells.

May 28th 2002