Anything can be added to mead: herbs, spices, fruits, etc. Some people even advise not to start with a traditional mead as the one described above. Instead they advise to add spices that can hide weaknesses of the mead if necessary.

namesynonymherbs/spices fruits others
show mead     
traditional mead little*little* 
bochet no high S. G., burnt or charred
bracket ± braggot ale 
braggot± bracket malt 
capsicumel  pepper 
clarrepyment grape 
cyser   apple 
hippocras yesgrape 
hydromelsmall mead   low S. G.
melomel mulsum fruits other than grape/apple 
metheglin yes  
morat  mulberries 
mulsummelomel fruits other than grape/apple  
oxymel  wine vinegar 
pyment clarre grape  
rhodomel   distilled rose petals 
sack   high S. G.
small meadhydromel   low S. G.
T'ej   hop 
Table 3 : mead styles. * means that honey flavor must dominate

Spices and herbs that can be added to mead: ginger, cardamom, cloves, vanilla (?) [hist1], thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, sage, parsley, fennel [hist2] but also cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon or orange peels, etc.

May 28th 2002