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Mead fermentation

Wine fermentation

  • Webb AD (ed.): Chemistry of winemaking, american chemical society (1974)
  • Irion C.W.: Home winemaking chem 101 (2000)
  • Mitchell: Scientific winemaking made easy

  • Waterhouse A.L. & Ebeler S.E (ed.) : Chemistry of wine flavor, American chemical society (1998)
  • science advanced  E. Peynaud and J. Blouin: "Knowing and Making Wine", Wiley-Interscience (1984)
  • science advanced  P. Ribéreau-Gayon, D. Dubourdieu, B. Donèche and A. Lonvaud: "The handbook of enology 1. Microbiology of wine", John Wiley & Sons (2000)
  • science advanced  P. Ribéreau-Gayon, Y. lories, A. Maujean and D. Dubourdieu: "The handbook of enology 2. The chemistry of wine stabilisation and treatments", John Wiley & Sons (2000)
  • Andrew Lea: The science of cider making
  • Beer fermentation

  • Janson L. W.: Brew chem 101, Storey (1996) Focused on beer but some ideas are general enough. Readable even without a deep knowledge of chemistry or biology.
  • Fix G. J. & Fix L.A.: An analysis of brewing techniques, Brewers publications (1997) Focused on beer too. More complicated than B1 (knowledge of chemistry needed) but not applicable to mead.
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